add your SIP address (required)

The first step before starting to receive calls is to tell us what's your SIP address.

Once your SIP address is defined, you will be able to request your nice 'call us' button for your website. You have two ways to be called: using a 'call us' button for your website or your link address. A simple click on this link will make a call to your sip address.
As a reminder, your link address is: .... You can copy it for use in your email signature, social network profile, blog posts...


add a caller (optional)

To make a call to your address we need a caller account. If your SIP provider is supported[1] then, you don't need to provide one.

Let's imagine your SIP address is sip:bob@example.com. This means your provider is example.com and to call bob we need a caller account from the same provider (e.g. sip:alice@example.com)