This is a short step-by-step user guide to explain how to start using our service.


sign up

From the home page, on the navigation bar, click on sign up and enter your email address. Once your email address is validated (take less than 1 minute), you will receive a mail with your password, activation code and link address. Anyone opening your link address on his browser will make a call to your SIP address.

Please note that the activation code is only valid for 48 hours.


activate your account

Activating your account is as simple as opening the link received via mail. At this step it's still not possible to receive calls as we still don't know what's your SIP address.


sign in and tells us what's your SIP address

From the home page, on the navigation bar, click on sign in and enter your email address and password (received via mail).
Once you're signed in, a my account link will appear on the navigation bar. Open the my account link and tell us what's your SIP address.
If your SIP address is not from a supported provider then, you'll be asked to add a SIP caller, orthewise (provider supported), you are ready to receive calls.


add a SIP caller (optional)

This step is only required if you're using a not supported SIP provider. The SIP caller is required in this case for the simple reason that in order to make a call to your SIP address we need a caller with valid credentials. To add a caller, just open my account page (requires to sign in).
Please note that the caller password will never leave your browser: we only store the MD5(username:realm:password) hash in our database. All interactions with the SIP server (Secure WebSocket) and click-to-call service (Https) are secured.

Today we support: If you know other free SIP providers please tell us and we will add them. This will avoid for other users to be required to add a caller.
For developers, it's possible to change the server configuration to use your own SIP network.

create a call us » button (optional)

This step is optional. A call us button is something like what you have on this page at the right side (only appears if your browser supports WebRTC). To have such nice button on your website, you can request it from my account page.


receiving calls

There are two ways for your visitors to call you: using your link address or call us » button. For example, our link address is and you can click here to call us.