Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) E-13B & CMC-7

Insanely fast and accurate (99.8%) MICR E-13B & CMC-7 detectors and recognizers using deep learning.

Automating Bank account information extraction from MICR (Magnetic ink character recognition) zones on scanned checks/document above human-level accuracy is a very challenging task. Our implementation reaches such level of accuracy using latest deep learning techniques. We outperform both ABBYY and LEADTOLS in terms of accuracy and speed (almost #30 times faster).
Using a single model we're able to accurately locate the MICR zones, infer the type (E-13B or CMC-7) and recognize the fields: one-shot deep model. The performance gap between us and the other companies is more important for CMC-7 format which is more challenging than E13B.

This technology is a key component of Remote Deposit Capture applications using mobile phones or scanners.