artificial intelligence

Industry automation using state of the art deep learning and computer vision technologies. Providing ANPR/ALPR, MRZ/MRTD, ScanToPay, MICR, CBIR, ICR, OCR, SceneText and self driving cars solutions.

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AI on the edge

We're using the latest deep learning and computer vision techniques to build some amazing and highly accurate products. We outperform traditional implementations in terms of accuracy and speed.

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Insanely accurate

Outperforms implementations from Google, Oxford, IBM or Amazon

Insanely fast

Hand-written assembler, GPGPU accelerated, CPU optimized (SSE, AVX, ARM NEON) and massively multi-threaded.
Our computer vision library (ultimateCV) is up to #50 times faster than OpenCV


Extensively tested and already used in many commercial products

Made with Love

Code written with love in the heart and accuracy in the mind



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