Automatic Number/License Plate Recognition (ANPR / ALPR)

World's fastest and most accurate Automatic Number/License Plate Recognition (ANPR / ALPR) using deep learning.

"Black Mercedes-Benz SLS year 2014, license plate KMY256 from USA, state of New York, moving to the north at 91km/h speed". This is the kind of information you can get from our Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

 Image Enhancement for Night-Vision (IENV), License Plate Recognition (LPR), License Plate Country Identification (LPCI), Vehicle Color Recognition (VCR), Vehicle Make Model Recognition (VMMR), Vehicle Body Style Recognition (VBSR), Vehicle Direction Tracking (VDTits) and Vehicle Speed Estimation (VSEits) at up to 237fps on x86-64 CPUs (no GPU required). The code is accelerated on CPU, GPU, VPU and FPGA, thanks to CUDA, TensorRT and OpenVINO.

You can try our SDK on your own devices (Android, Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson, Linux and Windows) using the code released on Github with full documentation hosted here. No registration, license key or internet connection is required.