Machine-readable zone/travel documents (MRZ/MRTD)

Insanely fast and accurate (99.7% F-score) MRZ / MRTD detector and recognizer using deep learning.

No matter if the MRZ lines are small, far away, blurred, partially occluded, skewed or slanted, our implementation can accurately detect and recognize every character. You can use our implementation to extract information from local identity cards, passports, enhanced driver licenses, visas, resident cards...
The detector is agnostic and doesn't decode (recognize/OCR) the text to check it against some pre-defined rules (regex) which means we support all MRZ types (Travel Documents 1/2/3, MRVA, MRVB...) regardless the font, content, shape or country.

You can try our SDK on your own devices (Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux and Windows) using the code released on Github with full documentation hosted here. No registration, license key or internet connection is required.