3D Passive face liveness detection (anti-spoofing)

3D Frictionless (passive) face liveness detection from a single image (selfie) using deep learning.

To our knowledge we are the only company in the world that can perform 3D liveness check and identity concealment detection from a single 2D image. We outperform the competition (FaceTEC, BioID, Onfido, Huawei...) in speed (few milliseconds) and accuracy.

Identity concealment detects when a user tries to partially hide his/her face (e.g. 3D realistic mask, dark glasses...) or alter the facial features (e.g. heavy makeup, fake nose, fake beard...) to impersonate another user.

This video shows how to take the perfect selfie (at least 720p/HD resolution) to pass the liveness check. Full documentation is hosted here.