3D Passive face liveness detection (anti-spoofing)

3D Frictionless (passive) face liveness detection from a single image (selfie) using deep learning.

To our knowledge we are the only company that offers testing its product in open and unconstrained environment. You can drag&drop, browse your local disk or use your camera to select an image to analyze.

We have perfect scores (0% EER) on multiple datasets (NUAA, CASIA FASD, MSU...). No other company or research institute ever reported such level of accuracy. This demo web page and the SDK are here to allow you to challenge us.

Our passive face liveness detector supports both Print-Attack and Replay-Attack. A single selfie-type image is needed to compute the liveness score. We also offer active liveness check as fallback when a user fails to pass the passive check.

This video shows how to take the perfect selfie to pass the liveness check. Full documentation is hosted here.