To our knowledge we’re the only company in the world that can perform 3D liveness check and identity concealment detection from a single 2D image. We outperform the competition (FaceTEC, BioID, Onfido, Huawei…) in speed and accuracy. Our implementation is Passive/Frictionless and only takes few milliseconds.

Identity concealment detects when a user tries to partially hide his/her face (e.g. 3D realistic mask, dark glasses…) or alter the facial features (e.g. heavy makeup, fake nose, fake beard…) to impersonate another user.

A facial recognition system without liveness detector is just useless.

We can detect and block all known spoofing attacks: Paper Print, Screen, Video Replay, 3D (silicone, paper, tissue...) realistic face mask, 2D paper mask, Concealment, Deepfake...

Next video shows a stress test on our implementation using different type of 2D/3D attacks:

The next video shows the result on a Youtube video from to detect deepfakes:

Our passive (frictionless) face liveness detector uses SOTA (State Of The Art) deep learning techniques and can be freely tested with your own images at